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Kick-Off Meeting and Hackathon

First Meeting For An Open Source Software Package in Vibrational Spectroscopy

3 Feb. - 6 Feb. 2020

Providing Solutions and Standards to the Vibrational Spectroscopy Community


We will have some top-class invited guests who have already enriched the community several times with their open source contributions.


The included Hackathon will be the heart of the event. Here we will have the possibility to integrate state-of-the-art solutions into the tool together.


The meeting as such is to be established as an integral part of the community. We will have space and time here to discuss concrete procedures and further plans.

Invited Speakers

Achim Kohler

Norwegian University of Life Science

Alex Henderson

The University of Manchester

Marko Toplak

The University of Ljubljana

Thomas Herrmann

Ruhr University Bochum

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